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As an expert, I dramatically improve individual and organizational effectiveness. You could reach me by Skype (Skype ID: AgileCafe) or “Google voice” (hangouts) conferences. If you have questions, or need an expert opinion, please contact me. I will be glad to help you as an expert. I speak English, French, and Spanish.

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 Omar Bermudez Omar C. Bermudez

Expert in dramatically improving individual and organizational effectiveness

What people say about me…

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Omar when I was struggling with my new identity of scrum master.
Omar has offered me to coach me on my transition journey to become a Scrum Master and to rediscover myself.
With generosity, talent, vulnerability, and humor, Omar has guided me through tough questions and false obvious facts to find my answers. I’m grateful he has lead me during this personal and professional quest. And grateful he has provided me with such a model of a great coach. A much appreciated double gift! –
Laurence Brablin (Scrum Master and wannabe coach – Radio-Canada)

I had the pleasure of working with Omar across numerous projects and service deployments. During that time, Omar helped to not only successfully deliver on the objectives, but enhance and improve upon them with unwavering commitment. His deep technical knowledge coupled with his positive drive and communication skills has helped successfully navigate tough technical issues while elevating his teammates knowledge. His dedication to his responsibilities and overall commitment make Omar a valuable asset to any organization. –
Brett Powers (Head of Cloud Infrastructure – Nokia)

Omar and I worked together on a range of initial program roll-outs. Like all initial programs nothing was straightforward and we were faced with technical, organizational and operational challenges along the way. Highly intelligent, conscientious, thoroughness being hallmarks of his work.
Omar’s contribution to a team is remarkable, always willing to chip in and help out, go the extra mile. Every day he has a big smile on his face, you never have a moral problem when Omar’s around. This guy is a major asset to any team, organization, and the people he works with. –
John Stillman (Program Manager – Nokia)

I worked in cooperation with Omar on several mandates and he always impressed me with his integrity and his passion. He is persistent and always gives everything of himself. I recommend Omar for everyone needs a very talented Consultant. –
Richard Couture ( President – Efficiens Inc.)

Omar’s passion is outweighed only by his knowledge of the domain. Without Omar our teams transition to Agile would have been much more difficult. Omar always pushes the boundaries and introduces new and educational processes that helped bring our team together and allowed them to grow into a performing team[…]. –
Scott Usheroff (Product Owner – Seedbox Technologies)