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Today one big validation from one of our teams: how important is saying THANK YOU. Yes, as a coach and scrum master, it is one of the most important things I like to do; however, teams sometime do not see the impact of something as simple as saying “Thank You”.

With one of the teams we decided to do one activity to feel the value and impact of this. The activity was very simple; each member of the scrum team (developer, team, PO and I) had 5 “thank you” certificates to complete. The certificate has 3 things to complete: “From”, “To”, and “For”

The rules:

  • Each member needs to complete 3 certificates for internal team members.
  • Each member needs to complete 2 certificates for external team members.
  • In “For” team member needs to put something that helped him/her to do a better job. The idea is avoid comments like “For: he/she is a good team player” or “For: he/she is good team member”.
  • Each certificate (+ one “gift” card) will be delivered “in person” for the full team.
  • As a team member, if you complete 5 certificates, you also will receive one “gift” card.

As you can see; this was a very simple activity that had a big impact on all teams. Other teams were very surprised when one full team of people approached their desks with a “Thank You” certificate and a gift card.

People were proud of each certificate. The team was very happy with the impact and other teams realized how important their work is.  The result of this retrospective was amazing.

Here some pictures:

Thank you certificates Thank you certificates Thank you certificates Thank you certificates










By the way, at the end of this retrospective, we exchanged “gift” cards in our big conference room. One “gift” card = one beer 🙂

If you haven’t tried it yet, please do it; you will see how much fun this activity is and the impact you can have with this simple “free” activity. If you have already tried it, please share your experience and result. I really like hearing about other’s experiences.

Thank you,


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Omar is an agile practitioner and lover. Certified Scrum master. Agile Coach & Agile Leader. He believes it is important to continually be learning and growing. His dream is to be a lifelong learner; growing each day. He is also passionate about leadership development and seeing people reach their full potential. He is also a good husband & father (his wife says that time to times). He has a wonderful wife and 2 fantastic kids. In his free time, if he does not have any plan ahead, he tries to apply agile methodologies at the family level :). He enjoys a lot to travel with his family and discovers new places for them.