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Here is the update for the second day. We started with Jurgen Appelo Let's help Mellyand the presentation of “Let’s help Melly”. A fantastic presentation going from Manager 1.0 to Manager 3.0. Very good metaphor and a lot of good ideas to work with any team. Very interesting overview in how to apply Manager 3.0 ideas in companies, a good resume of Mangers Workout also. In resume, a lot of good information. πŸ™‚



Manager 3.0One of stuff flashed in my mind was “Beyond Budgeting”. Very simple idea, in resume he said: “Let’s companies go free from annual budget”. Wow…it sound hard, but before I say something else, I need more info, so far the idea is not a bad one, I like it, but I need more info πŸ™‚

As soon as the key note ended, we start to play, yeah…the core of this conference is PLAY. I started with Mr. Appelo and the game delegation poker. Very insight information and adaptation to different scenarios. A lot of talks in the way each member around the table see the “delegation” process in their company. Ideas to adapt the game or play it in a different way were also there.

After lunch, LEGO time started πŸ™‚

A lot of LEGOs in two different presentations. One presentation was related to how to do the organization of your company with LEGO. Interesting approach to let the full company play with LEGOs and engaged with the company’s organization.

Organization with LEGOs Organization with LEGOs Organization with LEGOs Organization with LEGOs










The second presentation of LEGO was Lego Serious Player approach to get requirements. Very, but very interesting one with Ellen Grove.

Gathering Requirements with LEGOs Gathering Requirements with LEGOs Gathering Requirements with LEGOs Gathering Requirements with LEGOs










As you can see, a lot of fun, discussions, talks and the most important, a lot of serious work approach. To close the conference day, Agile Games organization gave to presenters a small gift and social networking start at a very good pub :). Yes, after a lot of work, we need few beers to keep our minds working.

Agile Games gift Social Networking

Tomorrow, open space will be there in the last day of Agile Games 2013.

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