Agile GameHello All,

I am so happy to have all ready to go to Agile Games 2013. Interesting conferences for those ones loving games as me. I really believe that games help a lot at the moment to learn something.

Keynotes from Roger Greenaway and Jurgen Appelo will be very interesting for sure. Interesting configuration for the first day of the Agile Games conference. It will be 5 deep dives:


  1. Dynamic Debriefing with Roger Greenaway
  2. How Serious Games Will Move Us From Better Software and Into A Better World with Luke Hohmann
  3. Learning By Doing, Puzzle Programming Koans with Llewellyn Falco & Lynn Langit
  4. Moving Beyond Icebreakers with Heang Ly
  5. Organizational Change Modeling with Catherine Louis

Each dive with 3 very interesting interesting presentations to assist. Yeah, I already took my deep dive to do, it is the number 2 with Luke Hohmann. Description of each presentation are very interesting and it is what I am looking for in this conference. Other option are interesting, but I can go to all :(. I am not able to clone myself, I would like to do it…but I can’t 🙂

Agile GameSecond day at Agile Games, wow, Jurgen Appelo will start with the Friday’s keynote and he will continue during the day with 2 more presentation that I will assist for sure. Manager 3.0 is one of my favorites books and I will not miss Autor’s presentations at all 🙂

At the end of this Friday, LEGO’s presentation will be my chose with Ellen Grove. I missed her presentation in Agile Montreal tour 2012. I will not do the same this time.

The last day at Agile Games, open agenda is schedule, so I am so exited to know how all people will organize this day.

Ready to do a lot of contacts and learn new things, share experiences will be also in this conference. I hope to participate in very good talks with local/international agile practitioner and lovers.

A big “thank you” to Seedbox to allow me to be there, I am so happy that the company I work for supports this conference and company games to learn.

I will post updates during the conference, don’t miss them, book this site now and check my tweeters and linkedIn updates.

Full conference program: here

Full deep dives information: here

Thank you,


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