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Hello Everyone,

With one of my colleges, we share a dream. We are agile lovers with a common dream, we want to share important knowledge with Montreal’s agile community. We here in Montreal strongly believe that one of the best ways to become better professionals is by sharing our knowledge with each other. As a trial, myself and some of my colleagues started a small scale test of the theory. By doing this we were able to validate our beliefs. Now we are ready to open our meetings and knowledge share to the entire agile community.
Here’s how we hope to execute our plan; Set up monthly meetings that we will record in order to share them with the agile community. Given that we would start by running these events in Montreal, all videos will be in recorded in English and/or French.

Today, we are running our agile meetings on a very small scale (approx. four to six people). As a primary goal we would like to augment the size of our group to reach between 25 and 30 individuals in a first step. This comes with certain expenses (venue, office supplies, and some cheap snacks and /or bottle of water for the guest). We also have plans to bring some well recognized international agile practitioners to our meetings as well.

As you can see, we have big plans, but none of them are meant to make any profits for us, we will volunteer our services but will need your monetary support to start the project up. Who knows? Maybe we can eventually carry this project to a global audience! According to our initial plans we would need between $5000.00 – $10,000.00 per year in order to bring value to the events. This amount of money may seem like a lot at first, but it would be just to kickstart our initiative during the first year. This money would also cover at least 12 events more. Since we really believe that you as a sponsor and/or voluntary contributor would like to know where your hard earned money will be going, we plan on keeping you updated by posting photos and videos of our events and also by providing our backers with all financial reports.

If you want to know more of this initiative, please go here

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About the author

Omar is an agile practitioner and lover. Certified Scrum master. Agile Coach & Agile Leader. He believes it is important to continually be learning and growing. His dream is to be a lifelong learner; growing each day. He is also passionate about leadership development and seeing people reach their full potential. He is also a good husband & father (his wife says that time to times). He has a wonderful wife and 2 fantastic kids. In his free time, if he does not have any plan ahead, he tries to apply agile methodologies at the family level :). He enjoys a lot to travel with his family and discovers new places for them.