conflicts of interest


Today, I have a TED video from Dan Ariely and some reflections. In my mind, I am aware of a conflict of interest every time I start to do something in my life or my work. The first thing that comes to mind: conflict of interest between my change/idea/attitude and that of others. However, what about the conflict of interest inside you? How do you handle this “live”?





Here is the TED video from Dan Ariely:

My thoughts:

  • Conflicts of interest will always exist, with others and with you.
  • Be aware of that, and keep the right mindset to get the best lesson learned from each experiment/experience.
  • If the conflict of interest is high, sit down, reflect, change your role and ask yourself “why does this conflict of interest exist?”
  • Be ready to take risks and learn from each experience.

What about your thoughts? Feel free to share them here.



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