lego serious play - coreHere is the 4 steps core of LEGO Serious Play approach:

Step 1: Facilitator poses the question

Participants are asked to build and create stories in response to a question. The question should be clear, yet very open-ended:

  • “What’s your vision for this project?”
  • “What’s your worst nightmare for this design outsourcing initiative?”
  • “How can our team benefit from working together better?”
  • The question triggers the participant’s frame of mind and helps him or her tap into the unconscious in the following step.

Step 2: Individuals build a model

Each participant builds his or her own 3-D model in response to the question that has been posed

Participants work with LEGO® bricks to inspire the use of metaphors and story-making

Step 3: Individuals tell their story

Each participant shares his or her model’s meaning and story with the rest of the team. It is absolutely critical that every person shares their story.

This enables 100% participation during the session, which builds commitment to shared action

When participants tell their story, their minds make even more connections – using the bricks acts as a catalyst for the mind. The result is that the stories contain more knowledge and ideas than anyone was consciously aware of.

The use of metaphors, imagination, and story-making is integral to the process, and the story-making adds meaning and context.

NOTE: Everyone participates in steps 2 and 3 every time and all the time.

Step 4: Questions and reflections

The facilitator and participants crystallize key insights, and ask clarification questions of the models. The facilitator sums up connections.