Facilitation – Facilitator

600_339763932[1] As meeting facilitator (why use a facilitator? Know more about my role), I will expertly guide your executives, managers, department or project team towards generating great ideas & making the best decisions while building your team. Below are the key areas I can help you:

Collaborative Strategic Planning

I am able to combine the best practices of strategic planning and visioning. It enables organizations and teams to agree on compelling goals, breakthrough strategies and aligned action. Using a variety of models and tools we will create a powerful strategy looking at your organization’s past, present and future.

Establish Values/Mission/Vision











Your team will come out with a set of values that all decisions will be based on. They will establish the purpose of the organization, and they will agree on future direction easily and full engaged.

Project Management with Your Team

I am able to facilitate your team’s planning meeting:

  • Applied Strategic Planning
  • Team Planning
  • Organizational Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Event Planning
Problem Solving

With my help, and tools your team will collectively define the real problem quickly and without frictions. Your team will then go through different activities that will take you out of your normal way of thinking ( “creative thinking”) where your team will generate loads of solutions. At the end, your team will then decide on the best solution (s).

Decision Making

I will facilitate your group through several processes to create a collective decision that all your team members will fully support.

I am also facilitate

  • Product & Marketing meetings
  • Customer services meetings
  • Team retreat & organizational meetings

Leadership program

LeadershipGiftAccredBadge-Practitioner250x250webI really believe in people, and their potential. Anyone could become a better leader if somebody show her the benefits and give her the right tool. Leaders must exist at all level of the organizations. I work with people at all organization’s level to get their best performance and happiness index: “You deserve to love what you do, and be loved for what you do”



Agile Coaching

coaching the organizationAre you looking for a successful agile transition? I have more of 15 years in the industry. I have experience with XP, kanban, scrum, lean, and agile mindset transitions. I can work very close with you to put in place a plan and execute a successful transition to Agile.

After training and project kick-of steps, I provide full ongoing coaching to support the changes needed to shift into agile mindset.


Agile Workshops

wall planning teamI offer workshops to agile teams. Teams will learn in a safe environment how agile works. Here are those ones more frequently demanded:

  • Scrum  and Kanban Simulation (basic and advanced workshops)
  • Product Owner role
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Agile estimation and planning
  • Serious Games & SM toolbox